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Inventory List Creator

Complete our Inventory List with description and value of each item. Only items listed in your Inventory List will be protected by our insurer.

If you do not provide an Inventory List your Move will not be protected by our Insurer.

Removals Inventory List
Archive Boxes Archive Boxes
Large Boxes Large Boxes
Medium Boxes Medium Boxes
Small Boxes Small Boxes
Travel Suitcase (Big) Travel Suitcase (Big)
Travel Suitcase (Small) Travel Suitcase (Small)
Wardrobe Boxes Wardrobe Boxes
1 Seater Sofa 1 Seater Sofa
2 Seater Sofa 2 Seater Sofa
3 Seater Sofa 3 Seater Sofa
Aquarium (Medium) Aquarium (Medium)
Armchair Armchair
Bar Cabinet Bar Cabinet
Bar Stools Bar Stools
Bean Bag Bean Bag
Billiard Table Billiard Table
Book Shelf Book Shelf
Bureau Bureau
Carpets / Rugs Carpets / Rugs
Child Chair Child Chair
Coffee Table Coffee Table
Display Cabinet Display Cabinet
Drawer Cabinet Drawer Cabinet
Floor Lamp Floor Lamp
Magazine Rack Magazine Rack
Mirror Mirror
Painting Painting
Shoe Cabinet Shoe Cabinet
Sofa (Corner) Sofa (Corner)
Storage Sideboard Storage Sideboard
TV Cabinet TV Cabinet
Chair (1pcs) Chair (1pcs)
Coffee Machine Coffee Machine
Dining Bench Dining Bench
Dishwasher Dishwasher
Food Trolley Food Trolley
Freezer (Big) Freezer (Big)
Freezer (Small) Freezer (Small)
Fridge (Big) Fridge (Big)
Fridge (Double Door) Fridge (Double Door)
Fridge (Small) Fridge (Small)
Induction Stove Induction Stove
Microwave Microwave
Modular Kitchen Modular Kitchen
Pedal Bin Pedal Bin
Recycling bin Recycling bin
Stand Mixer Stand Mixer
Table Table
Bed (Double) Bed (Double)
Bed (King Size) Bed (King Size)
Bed (Single ) Bed (Single )
Bed (Super King Size) Bed (Super King Size)
Bed Side Table Bed Side Table
Bunkbed Bunkbed
Changing Table Changing Table
Chest Of Drawers Chest Of Drawers
Cot Bed Cot Bed
Dressing Table Dressing Table
Kids Study Chair Kids Study Chair
Kids Study Table Kids Study Table
Lamp Lamp
Wardrobe 1 door Wardrobe 1 door
Wardrobe 2 doors Wardrobe 2 doors
Wardrobe 3 doors Wardrobe 3 doors
Wardrobe 4 doors Wardrobe 4 doors
Baby Bath Baby Bath
Brooms Brooms
Bucket Bucket
Clothes Dryer Clothes Dryer
Ironing Board Ironing Board
Laundry Basket Laundry Basket
Mops Mops
Tumble Dryer Tumble Dryer
Vacuum Cleaner Vacuum Cleaner
Washing Machine Washing Machine
Bicycle Bicycle
Garden Hose Garden Hose
Garden Tools Garden Tools
Hammock Hammock
Kennel Kennel
Ladder Ladder
Lawn mower Lawn mower
Outdoor Chair Outdoor Chair
Outdoor Gas Grill Outdoor Gas Grill
Outdoor Parasol Outdoor Parasol
Outdoor Swing Bed Outdoor Swing Bed
Outdoor Table Outdoor Table
Plant Pot Plant Pot
Portable BBQ Portable BBQ
Spare Tyre Spare Tyre
Storage Box Storage Box
Storage Shelves Storage Shelves
Toolbox Toolbox
Trampoline Trampoline
Wheelbarrow Wheelbarrow
Workbench Workbench
Bookcase Bookcase
Copy Machine Copy Machine
Desktop Computer Desktop Computer
Filing cabinet (4 drawers) Filing cabinet (4 drawers)
Laptop Laptop
Monitor 24 inch Monitor 24 inch
Office Cabinet Office Cabinet
Office Chair Office Chair
Office Desk Office Desk
Printer Printer
Shreder Shreder
Whiteboard Whiteboard
Bodybuilding Bench Bodybuilding Bench
Exercise Bike Exercise Bike
Golf Equipment Golf Equipment
Home treadmill Home treadmill
Rowing Machine Rowing Machine
Skis Skis
Surfboard Surfboard
Tennis Table Tennis Table
Weights (Kg) Weights (Kg)
Dehumidifier Dehumidifier
Electric Heater Electric Heater
Fan Fan
Fireplace Equipment Fireplace Equipment
Games Console Games Console
Home Stereo Home Stereo
Projector Projector
Projector Screen Projector Screen
Sewing Machine Sewing Machine
Speakers (Pair) Speakers (Pair)
TV Flatscreen TV Flatscreen


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