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Removals Directory Online

Our Removals Directory contains useful information that you may need during your Move. Please check information about Parking Permits, Recycling Centers.

Removals Directory Online

Here you will find direct links to find information about Parking Permit, Who To Inform about address change, recycling centers, London councils, charity shops in your local area.

Parking Suspension

Find information about Parking Suspension on your residential area. Simply find regulations about parking permits on your local council website from our directory.


If you'd like to give something you don't need anymore here you will find list of charities in the UK. This will help you to choose whom you want to give a gift.

Recycling Addresses

List of recycling places in your area.

Addresses to Change

Please check here what are the most important addresses to be changed when you moving.

Useful Links

Some useful links.


Use our tools such as Moving Checklist, Inventory List or Who to notify when you move checklist to get ready for your moving day.